Integration Time Calculator Test Page

This page provides a simple way to test the ITC servlets by using the ITC forms for Gemini North and South instruments.

Note that these forms are not the same ones as in the production server.

Gemini NorthGemini South
InstrumentTest Page
Acquisition Camera ITCacqCam.html
NIRI ITCniri.html
GMOS North ITCgmos.html
GNIRS ITCgnirs.html
Michelle ITCmichelle.html
NIFS ITCnifs.html
InstrumentTest Page
GMOS South ITCgmosSouth.html
GHOST ITCghost.html
TRECS ITCtrecs.html
Flamingos 2 ITCflamingos2.html
GSAOI ITCgsaoi.html

Source code documentation: ../itcdocs/html/
Plots of data files: ../itcdocs/plots/